EPDM glue out of a stress vessel works

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Especially for roofing companies, the company supply a comprehensive selection of handheld rollers to provide strength that is extra to the EPDM contact adhesive connection. EPDM contact adhesive always has to be pressed after bonding using a hand roller. Using a futon is inadequate in many cases. To use the short spray firearms, it’s an elongated gun in our range without having to get down on your knees when walking so that it may inject the roofing surface. Applying the EPDM contact adhesive is ideal. To get additional details on lijm epdm please go to SPUITLIJMCONCURRENT.

Anybody can order a package directly. There are 3 qualities at different prices. There is really a starter package for every application. The beginning package DS-408 is an entire start package with 22 liters. It’s a spray glue pressure vessel, sprays gun steel, also sprays nozzle 5.50 m. When interested, kindly visit the website and place the order.